Interview to Mo Khan, rap in Urdu language from Pakistan

Rap? Yes. But in Urdu language. This is Mo Khan, that writes impressive tunes and has many opportunity to reach a nice success! If you can’t understand why…try to listen! Here the interview to explain this artist…

You live in the USA but you are from Pakistan. Can you speak about your roots and why you use Urdu?

Mo – Yes, I was born & raised in Karachi, Pakistan. I am 24 years old, born on April 21, 1997. I am glad, I was able to enjoy such a rich culture with some of the most amazing people who taught me through their experiences and knowledge. I belong to a middle class family so you’re either a Doctor, Engineer, or a Failure (Pun Intended). I moved to United States for family reasons, but I always had special attachment to my culture. Which is one of the main reasons why I try to use URDU in my music. I live in society where it is a norm to speak English, which is why sometimes I miss speaking URDU with me fellows. I use to write tracks in English, but one of my friend recommended me to write in URDU, so that way my culture & language can become part of my usual life.

How did you began with music?

Mo – I always had this obsession my entire life with Musical Artists. I use to mimic Pakistani / Indian singers like: Atif Aslam, Jawad Ahmed, Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Arijit Singh etc. Few years ago, I started doing acoustic covers of their tracks. I use to post these clips / videos on my social media & the response I was receiving from people was immense. This motivated me to make more cover tracks. However, I wanted to start something of my own; which is why I started to write my own tracks. I always had this passion for music & singing, but recently I discovered that I can be a great rapper as well haha.

What are your main music influence and why?

Mo – My music in heavily influenced by several artists like: Eminem, NF, Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, J.Cole, Talha Anjum, Talha Yunus, Asim Azhar, SavageKey666 & a few others. The fact that I live in Atlanta unofficially makes me a Hip/Hop artist haha.

How do you think to take your songs to the mainstream? You think is possible?

Mo – I started music because I was passionate. I write tracks based on my personal experiences, my personal life & share insight with my fans & listeners. It is definitely possible as well. I never had mainstream media / market in mind. I do not target that audience & even if I make it to mainstream market one day, I will still be the same MO. My music will always distinct from promotion of Drugs, Sex, Wealth etc.

What will change Covid in the music distribution and living?

Mo – Covid has not only affected artists, but listeners as well. Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy live performances from their favorite artists. Covid has cost Music industry around $10 Bill. in loss if I am accurate. Let’s hope this settles down soon, so all of us can get back to our normal lives. Prayers & Love to all the families affected by Covid.

How you live your relation with social media?

Mo – I like to keep my social media Public & Discreet. In simple words: “It is Visible, but Invisible” at the same time. I am also an Information Technology Student, so I like to keep it very simple. I do not post much information about me on Social Media, I post once every quarter year & I only post the information or pictures on social media which will not cause harm to me or my significant others incase of a compromise.

What are the next steps?

Mo – All I would like to say is: This is just the beginning, I am a Wanderer & I will let my skills take the wheel. Let’s hope for the best & see where the journey takes us. Thank you so much for having me.

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